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Are your evaluation needs more for local expertise and comparables rather than a required appraisal? 

AC Commercial has completed hundreds of commercial property evaluations for financial institutions and individual owners with various needs and situations not in need of a licensed appraiser.  In these situations, we can be your source!


Many times, in commercial real estate, a full-blown appraisal is not needed or simply cost prohibitive on a larger property.  


Our services include:

  1.      Detailed evaluations vs. appraisals for financial institutions.

  2.      Commercial evaluations for Family Trusts;

  3.      Commercial property owners in need of proper insurance coverage;

  4.      Local comparable commercial expertise and services;

  5.      In-depth knowledge of local transactions;

  6.      Historically registered property evaluation experience, especially in downtown            Fond du lac;

  7.      Investment CAP Rate analysis expertise.

Opinion of Value Example AC Commercial
CAP Rate Example AC Commercial
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